Test engleză gratuit nivel mediu

Choose the correct item:

1. Yesterday we …… to the cinema and saw a great film!

A go                     B have gone                      C went

2. ”What time do you leave for work?” …… quarter past eight.

A In                      B At                                  C On

3. ”What …… in the garden, Michael? “I’m cleaning my bicycle.”

A do you do           B have you done                C are you doing

4. The doctor told Graham that he …… smoke.

A mustn’t smoke    B doesn’t smoke                C won’t

5. ” …… your homework yet?’’ “Not yet.”

A Do you finish      B Have you finished            C Are you finishing

6. ”What are you doing tonight?” “I …… to the cinema with Mary and Lucy.”

A go                     B am going                        C will go

7. ” …… that man in the red jacket?” That’s our teacher Mr Farrell.

A Whose               B Who’s                             C Who

8. ”Excuse me, do you know the way to the police station?” “Yes, go …… the bridge and turn left.”

A through             B into                                 C over

9.  Is..…….. your new car? It is great!

A these                B that                                 C there

10. London is much …… than York.

A noisiest             B noisier                             C noisy

11. ”Would you like to go out to dinner tonight?’’ ’’ Sorry, but …… to the football match with Stewart.’’

A I will go            B I’m going                          C I go

12. I was born in Prague, but I …… in Paris since 1988.

A live                  B am living                           C have lived

13. When …… Rome? Last summer or last winter?

A did you visit      B have you visited                C do you visit

14. I’m hungry.  ……go out for dinner?

A Shall we           B Let’s                                 C Why do we

15. Edinburgh is the …… city I’ve ever seen.

A beautiful          B more beautiful                   C most beautiful

16. ” …… Jim yet?’’ “No, I think he will be late today.

A Have you seen  B Do you see                       C Are you seeing

17.  “How much milk do you need?’’  “Just …… ”

A a few               B few                                  C a little

You are in a foreign country. You need to:

18. –  rent a car

19. –  buy souvenirs

20. –  check in at the hotel

21. –  change your seat on the plane

22. –  order room service

23. –  order food at an expensive restaurant

24. –  order food at a take-out

25. –  check if your flight is on time

26. –  buy a plane ticket to Paris

27. –  make a reservation for two rooms on the same floor

28. –  book a hotel room

What do you say?

Answer the following questions:

29.   What do you do?

30.   What do you do every day in the week?

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