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Greenwashing is the process of conveying a false impression or providing misleading information about how a company’s products are more environmentally sound. Greenwashing is considered an unsubstantiated claim to deceive consumers into believing that a company’s products are environmentally friendly.

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What is marketing 3.0? According to Philip Kotler, Marketing 3.0 is a marketing that focuses on the customer as a human being in its entirety, with material, emotional and spiritual needs, a marketing capable of satisfying humanism’s noblest instances. Those

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ENGLEZA PENTRU MARKETING/ User-generated content

User-generated content = content created by consumers of products and services e.g. customer review sites, blogs, posts on discussion groups etc.   It is marketing o’clock! Tarif – 600 lei pentru cursul de marketing în engleză cu durata de

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Curs engleză marketing și publicitate

Marketeers, advertisers, niche marketeers, mass marketeers, content providers, copywriters, ideas people, salespeople needed for Marketing English course. Presentations, case studies, flows of ideas, marketing 2.0, marketing 3.0, marketing mix, Swot analysis, marketing strategies, marketing ethics, the marketing environment, legal aspects

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