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Agog = excited and eager to know or see more: We waited agog for news.   It is business o’clock! Don’t become fluent in silence! We inspire a fresh START and a new perspective in business ENGLISH communication: Tarif – 600

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START ENGLISHING! Program curs engleză pentru afaceri: MARȚI și JOI 18.30-20.00 sau 8.00-9.30. SÂMBĂTĂ 10.00-13.00/13.00-16.00. Program curs engleză pentru marketing și publicitate:  LUNI 8.00-11.00/18.00-21.00 sau SÂMBĂTĂ 10.00-13.00/13.00-16.00. Program curs de engleză financiară MIERCURI și VINERI 8.00-9.30/18.30-20.00 sauSÂMBĂTĂ 10.00-13.00/13.00-16.00. Program curs limba engleză la interviu: LUNI, MARȚI, MIERCURI,

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Curs de comunicare în engleză

START ENGLISH. Watch, listen, speak. Tips and tricks about English. YOU DON’T JUST LEARN IT. YOU SPEAK IT! La acest curs veți comunica în limba engleză în orice situație sau context. TARIF CURS DE ENGLEZĂ 600 lei modul de 2

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Test engleză de afaceri pentru examenul Business Vantage

Test engleză de afaceri online pentru Business Vantage This test includes the tasks for the Writing and the Speaking sections. The Reading and the Listening tasks are to be performed in class. This test is part of the pretesting and

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Presentations/ Curs de engleza de afaceri

Everybody must have had a presentation and once in a blue moon, it can be a challenge. First and foremost, write your presentation in clear and simple sentences and make sure you are familiarized with the concepts you deal with.

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